The standard of quality is the customer.
TC TECH is the plant specializing in the production of excavator.

Excavator Assembly Division

The Excavator Assembly Division currently manufactures the mini- or small size excavators for Hyundai Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.
It is the plant dedicated to the production of excavator.

Mini excavator

Started the production in Oct. 2007, we achieve the production of 10,000 sets in 2018 and have the annual production capacity of 3,000 sets.
Now, with the self-development of frame and parts, we can make the stable delivery and have the excellent quality competitiveness.

Small size excavator

Starting the production in Sept. 2017,
we lay the foundation as the plant dedicated for the production of excavator.
As we have the production capability of 6,000 sets, we have the strong competitiveness in terms of delivery, cost and quality due to the development and production of frames.